One Year Multiple Entry Visa: General

One Year Multiple Entry Visa: General

Thailand’s One Year Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visa is issued to foreigners who would like to use of the chance in staying in the Kingdom for an extended length of time although they have to exit the country every 90 days within the year.

It is issued to applicants who are qualified for the said visa but being granted with it may also depend on their purposes for their visit.

Those who are issued with the said visa can stay in Thailand for a total of one year starting on the date such visa has been issued. It can also be extended for 3 months on or prior to its date of expiration.

One Year Thai Visa Requirements

The least visitors that Thailand wants are individuals who have undesirable backgrounds thereby pose some risks to the public and of the nation’s security.

Furthermore, the applicants should file their application in the country where they are physically present.

Readers should be reminded, however, that the list below contains the general requirements only. The Royal Thai Embassy or the Consulate may require the applicants to furnish additional documentation.

  • Passport

This should be valid for more than a year beginning on the intended travel date to the Kingdom.

  • Letters

In case that an applicant has been invited by an organization in Thailand, he should also present an invitation or confirmation officially issued by the said agency.

  • Proof of funds

This is to certify that the applicant is adequately capable in supporting himself throughout his stay in the Kingdom.

This may include but not limited to bank statements.

  • Embassy Fee

The applicant must pay the applicable embassy and filing fees.

One Year Thai Visa Application Process

  • Applicants are responsible in preparing all the necessary documents including securing the invitation or confirmation letter.
  • They should be able to submit these at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate located where they are physically present either by mail or in person.
  • Pay the required fees either in cash, cashier’s check or credit card.

Wait for the feedback from the embassy or consulate whether the application have been approved or not.